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Pollution caused by wood smoke kills or sickens thousands of people every year in Quebec.

Families for Clean Air is a non-profit organization fighting against air pollution caused by wood smoke.

Raise awareness and disseminate information

Support and mobilize families

advocate for actions

Wood burning: an environmental disaster

feu de camp

It is impossible here to list all the studies on air pollution caused by wood smoke. You will find publications from national public health agencies and organizations that have expertise on the issue, documents obtained in access to information and useful contact information.

Dessin d'un quartier pollué par le chauffage au bois


Wood smoke is the largest source of air pollution in Quebec. This is a glaring public health issue but one where the authorities do little to intervene on such a hot topic. It is high time that they take concrete action - for the benefit of all - but especially children who have their whole lives ahead of them.

A burning

We are talked about in the media. Read the latest developments here.

Smoke stories

Anecdotes and stories of people whose lives have been turned upside down by air pollution caused by wood smoke.

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