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Raise awareness

Disseminate information

Through its website, its interventions and its communication tools, Families for Clean Air wishes to inform the authorities and the population about the issues of wood smoke so that everyone can act in full knowledge of the facts.

We remain on the lookout for news in environmental health and disseminate all important publications through our website and social media. 

Mobilization of families

Request Interventions

It is only by joining our forces that we will succeed in obtaining major and concrete progress on air pollution caused by wood smoke.

We are asking for more interventions from the Minister of Health, the Minister of the Environment and the municipal authorities. We want environmental health experts to be able to speak freely about the subject in the media.

Support families

We offer support to families struggling with air quality problems due to wood smoke and help them find the right doors to turn to.

Promoting legislative changes

Families for Clean Air encourages legislative changes to further regulate the practice of campfires, wood burning and commercial wood baking.


Forêt verte
"Never doubt that a small group of committed, thoughtful citizens can change the world. In reality, that's always what has happened."

- Margret Mead

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