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Families for Clean Air is a non-profit organization fighting against air pollution caused by wood smoke.

Raise awareness and disseminate information

Support and mobilize families

advocate for actions

We focus on three areas of intervention.

exterior fire pits

wood heating
ambient fireplaces

cooking on wood

Why focus only on wood smoke?

Because more than half of PM2.5 emissions in Quebec are due to wood smoke and no one else really cares. 

Because other organizations fight against other major sources of atmospheric pollution such as industry, transport or fossil gases.

Because we believe it is more effective to focus our actions on a single source of pollution rather than wanting to tackle all sources at the same time.

Because this is a controversial subject where many individuals are very attached to burning wood, public health authorities are hesitant to tackle this issue head on. 

Because some sources of pollutant emissions already have bad press in the media, including industry, transport, forest fires and fossil gases.

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Daniel, Pierre and Sophie. Three friends: one cause. It's only the beginning of a great adventure. 

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